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"I believe that no flesh should be glorified in Christ's presence; therefore, Christ will evermore remain the cornerstone of my ministry."

Pastor Jeremy D. Seward

Pastor Jeremy D. Seward is the pastor of True Holiness Deliverance Temple in Milan, Tennessee. In 2005, Pastor Seward received salvation and wholeheartedly committed himself to serving God. In 2008, Pastor Seward accepted his call into ministry and in November 2014, he became Senior Pastor of True Holiness Deliverance Temple. 

Pastor Seward is the youngest son born to the late Bishop William E. Seward, founder of True Holiness Deliverance Temple, and Evangelist Teresa Seward who devotedly led the ministry for 10 years following the untimely passing of Bishop Seward. 

Pastor Seward and his family have dedicated their lives to ministry. His brother serves as the Minister of Music, and his mother continues to serve under his leadership. Two things Pastor Seward cherishes most are family and ministry. 

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